Is white oak hardwood flooring pet friendly?

product-engineered-wood-goodrich-whitened-room1We can not help but fall in love with this stunning broad plank walnut! I mean it is literally anywhere, its own plastering Pinterest, Instagram and pretty much every magazine that you select up. We can’t help but concur, it truly is drool worthy… I mean, come on…

Sometimes these absolutely staged photographs don’t necessarily suit our lifestyles. We’ve been through that dim and glistening floor stage and we are witnessing individuals run far far away from that look. Not because it isn’t beautiful, but because it is actually unmanageable. Pet dog and marks hair take over! We get it, the panic has set in and you aren’t quite certain you wish to leap on board.

Well, we’ve got news for you! Our broad plank white oak is super pet-friendly and actually is one of the most recommended products. I’ve assembled some reasons why white pine is a good alternative for your fur babies.

For starters, it’s a gorgeous rich open grain throughout the planks. The grain helps to conceal any indicating from your pet and creates visual interest allowing your pets nail marks to blend right in! The longboard lengths also create visual continuity drawing your attention down the area, instead of focusing on one particular spot.

Secondly, our wire brushed complete is a must… hands down! This unique finishing option pulls the delicate fibers from these types of boards leaving you with a textured look and feel. It also gives a remarkably durable flooring. The textured feel helps to conceal your pets marking along with pet fur! It also absorbs some light as a result of textured finish which reduces the visibility of your own pets tumbleweed fur drifting with your living room. Admit it, you have all seen this.

Thirdly, it’s incredible character. This flooring is a statement piece its got all the good 11069374_458508687635921_7231191846397628626_nstuff! It’s a number of different knots randomly across the boards. It’s small checks randomly during creating a natural wood appearance, not something that’s perfectly polished. This character works in your favor because there’s so much going on, in your floor. I love the fact that my furry friend running around can actually add some character to my own floor, rather than creating a nightmare.

There are several great neutrals trending at the moment. Take advantage of this as they’re incredibly easy to control. Opt for something that may be readily transitioned over time and matches your lifestyle with your pets. If you’re stuck going with a darker stain, try one of our two-pass colours to get your desired appearance. This involves staining the planks black, standing off it, and implementing your blot selection at the top. It generates an overall darker appearance, highlights the grain and adds some rustic flair!


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