shutterstock_413821129Thoughts from Your South Bay Hardwood Floors Installation Experts

Prefinished hardwood floors add durability, beauty, and value to houses, making them the ideal home improvement job. Once homeowners have determined on a wood style and complete, the next step involves selecting the direction of the planks. Personal preference, structural issues, and interior decorating principles all govern the greatest option.

Interior designers traditionally advocate that your hardwood flooring installation accompany a path running in lines from the principal entry to the wall or across the longest length in the room. The appearance elongates the room to get a constant visual experience. Sometimes, however, this general rule does not hold. Structurally, board placement should always lay perpendicularly into the joists from the flooring. This design provides strength and reduces the likelihood of squeaking and separation with time.

Depending on your home installation, your floor provider may recommend a couple of different floor layouts. You might even consider placing your engineered hardwood flooring in a diagonal design. A non-traditional placement pattern may add a distinctive visual appeal and disguise any inconsistencies from the floor. When choosing your flooring directionality, think about the structural requirements of the flooring first, then look at the number of chambers or overall design of the flooring. In the end, consider which design pattern will provide the most aesthetically appealing experience.

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